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Our goal in treating the spine is to restore function. The body’s structure does determine its performance. The nerves that pass through the spine do more than just cause pain–they control how the body functions. Spinal alignment matters.

You have many options if you are seeking pain relief for your condition. Our hope is that you address the cause of the problem and not cover the symptoms by temporarily masking the pain. Mechanical pain is known to make up the vast majority of low back and neck pain and can also be responsible for some types of headaches. When biomechanics are in question we believe in addressing the causes of dysfunction (joint and disc disorders, soft tissue spasm and swelling, and postural imbalances) with alignment, exercise and massage. Structural problems deserve structural solutions!

What makes us different is our constant drive to improve your outcome.

Our mission has been to honor the trust our patients have put in our staff, services and products. We believe you should live a vibrant and purposeful life and your health should be maintained to an optimal level to allow you to do so. We focus on the direct and powerful relationship the spine has in ensuring and protecting your health. We believe education on healthy lifestyles and prevention are the most effective ways to achieve and continue living healthy lives.
  Dr. Parks

I became a chiropractor because I believe a natural, structural approach is the best approach to deal with the mechanical complaints of spinal pain and restoration of balance. My goal as a physician is to honor the trust of our patients, giving them the best possible care and in doing so promote the profession of chiropractic.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions not answered on our site.

Yours in Health Naturally,

Dr. David D. Parks

Dr. David D. Parks
Chiropractic Physician

See what a recent patient said...

I have never felt better since seeing Dr. Parks and his staff, And, I never feel rushed or am kept waiting forever for my service! --Nancy - Kernersville

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