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Piedmont Chiropractic Center KERNERSVILLE

Hamstring/ QL

Sitting with legs in a V, pull one foot in as close to the body as possible. Slowly lean into extended leg. Keep knee locked and to pointing upward. Bend at the waist keeping your back straight. No pain should be experienced. Repeat on opposite side. 

Knees to Chest

Lie on back keeping it straight and flat. Pull one knee into your chest while leaving the opposite leg extended and flat to the floor. Don’t lift head up and keep it straight. Breathe evenly. Repeat on opposite side. 


Static Back

Lie in the floor with behind up to a sofa with lower legs and feet up in the seat of sofa. Arms out to your side at about 45 degrees with palms up. Look directly at ceiling do not rotate head. Back should settle and be evenly on the floor. 10-15 minutes

Low back rotators

Lie on back with arms outstretched, knees bent with feet flat on floor. Keeping knees together slowly rotate knees to one side. Relax legs while doing stretch, but tighten abdominal muscles. Hold each side 30 sec. Use caution with rotation.

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