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Chiropractic Maintenance Care

Updated: Aug 11, 2020

Just as you take care of your cars with regular oil changes and maintenance to keep your car running better longer, many people notice the benefits of seeing their chiropractor when they are not in pain.  Much like we don't brush our teeth because they hurt; we brush them to keep them from hurting.

Often we find that patients come in with no idea why they are hurting.  Sometimes a simple movement that should not cause pain will be the breaking point.  After days and months of poor posture (prolonged sitting, poor ergonomics, etc.), daily stress and occasional traumas the body simply can't take anymore.  Stress, irritation and inflammation of the joints often happens silently.  Misalignments and imbalances can cause abnormal stress and wear and tear on the spine, the body's frame. Maintenance/wellness chiropractic care helps to keep the spine mobile and relieve ongoing stress which can help prevent problems in the future.

Massage can also be beneficial to help maintain your way of life.  Many of the benefits of regular massage therapy are relief from anxiety, headaches, stress, fibromyalgia, myofascial pain syndrome, sprains/strains or sports injuries.

Regular stretching, healthy habits, and maintenance chiropractic can help assure proper mobility and alignment of the spine and regular massage can help maintain the balance of the muscles.  Going to the chiropractor does not mean you have to go for the rest of your life but many people do see the benefits of keeping a regular monthly adjustment or massage.  We allow our patients to make the decision based on what they feel is best for their health but we do recommend wellness treatment to most patients.

Preventative Chiropractic Maintenance Care

Research shows that more regular chiropractic treatment can prevent degenerative changes ("arthritis") from developing.  There are many other benefits that patients report from receiving chiropractic care on an occasional basis, even if they are experiencing little to no pain. They are as follows:

-Better sleep quality - many patients sleep longer and more soundly after an adjustment.

-Less muscle spasms and numbness - normal moving spinal joints do not irritate muscles, or nerves as much.

-Better athletic performance- symmetrical joint movement ensures that muscles do not have to strain in order to move a joint.

-Less headaches- many report less frequent headaches and migraines, and if one is experienced they are usually less severe.

-Less need for medication- Many chiropractic patients report using less medication after starting care. (Especially pain medication and NSAIDS)

As you can see, there can many benefits of receiving chiropractic care on a maintenance schedule.  We recommend maintenance care to our patients.  However, the decision to receive preventative maintenance is always up to the patient.  Whatever you decide, we'll respect that decision.

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