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Chiropractic, Massage or Acupuncture?What's right for you?

Updated: Aug 11, 2020

When you’re experiencing back, muscle or joint pain, it may be hard to know what treatment is best. Persistent cases might call for a combination of treatments. Lucky for you we offer all three!

Not sure what treatment is best? Dr. Parks will perform an exam and give you his recommendations for what he thinks the best course of treatment is for you.Here’s what you need to about chiropractic treatments, acupuncture and massage.

How does it work? Chiropractic adjustments, acupuncture and massage all manipulate the neuro-musculoskeletal system with the aim of treating problems throughout the body.

Here's the difference.

Chiropractic - aligning the bones of the spine and extremities to maintain normal pain-free movement in alignment.

Sports acupuncture - incorporating traditional acupuncture that has been used for thousands of years with modern philosophies of orthopedics and manual therapy.

Massage - manual therapy techniques to reduce muscle adhesions and encourage normal function and balance.

Dr. Parks is available to speak to you about what’s right for your specific condition with a free consultation. Our office is also happy to check your insurance benefits to determine coverage.All of these processes work not only to alleviate pain in the muscles, joints, ligaments, and nervous system, but also to improve flexibility, energy, posture, and coordination. When one part of the body is in pain, the rest of the body usually adjusts so we can work around it. By drawing the brain’s attention to the part that’s hurting, chiropractic, acupuncture and massage allow it to heal and let the rest of the body go back to normal.

Get in Touch Our office is open Monday and Tuesday 8am-6pm, Wednesday and Friday we are in 8am-8pm by appointment and Saturday 8am-noon.

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