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Desk tips for virtual learning

Proper ergonomics are just as important for children as they are for adults.

As many of us start a new school year it is important to have a proper space setup for your child.  Proper ergonomics are important for both children and adults. This can help keep away aches and pains and boost productivity.

It is important to make sure that desk chairs fit properly.  If the chair is too deep add pillows

so that there is no slouching and knees bend properly at 90 degrees.  If the desk chair is too tall add a box or stool to rest feet on.

Making sure that computer screens are at eye level is also important.  If possible elevate the screen so that the neck is in a neutral position.

If your child needs a break from traditional seating try some tummy time.  This allows for extension of the low back. Remember these tips are great for adults as well as students!

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