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Drop Tables and the leVel® Drop Board

Updated: May 1

Drop Tables and the leVel® Drop Board

J. Clay Thompson designed the full drop table in 1957 after using a broken traditional table and noticed he was getting better patient results. He noticed that when the table pads created motion it helped loosen spinal segments.


The combination of the force of gravity and the speed of the drop is often enough to gently but effectively realign the spine. Chiropractors use this device with drop technique to create motion in fixated spinal joints by applying a quick deacceleration of the body part placed under the drop. About 1/3 of chiropractors in the US-23,000 use drop tables to offer this effective technique. Today there are numerous manufacturers of drop-piece tables used around the world.


LeVel® is a patent pending portable drop board device that can be substituted for a drop table used in the manual therapy fields, i.e. chiropractic, massage and physical therapy. It is a motorized, battery-operated drop board that is thin enough to slide under a patient and lift 100-400lbs. It is also portable which makes it a technique suitable for sports clinicians that treat patients in the field. Currently, air compressors, hydraulic components and larger motors create the lift in drop tables.  Or the drops are manual with the clinician using a foot pedal that creates fatigue in the clinician.  LeVel's® unique design is a more efficient and effective process that we believe will one day be incorporated in automatic tables with its remote capabilities.

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