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Ear-resistible Benefits of Auricular Acupuncture

What is auricular acupuncture?

Auricular acupuncture is a specialized form of acupuncture where specific points on the external ear (auricle) are stimulated with needles or other methods to achieve therapeutic effects throughout the body. It integrates principles from traditional Chinese medicine with modern techniques to address a wide range of health issues effectively. Those seeking pain management, immune support, suffer with anxiety, depression, sleeping disorders, post-traumatic stress, alpha-gal syndrome, in addiction recovery, or just seeking general wellness may benefit from auricular acupuncture.

Spark of Healing: Understanding Electric Diagnosis in Auricular Acupuncture

Electric diagnosis in auricular acupuncture involves the use of specialized devices to measure electrical conductance or resistance in specific points on the ear. This technique, also known as electrodermal screening or electroacupuncture according to Voll (EAV), is based on the principle that different points on the ear correspond to different organs, tissues, or systems in the body.

Managing Alpha-Gal Syndrome with SAAT

Specific Auricular Acupuncture Techniques (SAAT) offer a promising approach for managing Alpha-Gal Syndrome (AGS), a condition triggered by an allergy to red meat due to the alpha-gal carbohydrate. SAAT involves the precise stimulation of ear acupuncture points that correspond to various body systems, including the immune and digestive systems affected by AGS.

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