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Ball supported extensions

Start by lying face down on the ball. Tighten abdominal muscles to stabilize spine (do not allow spine to arch). Lift hip/leg upward to neutral position and opposite side arm. Repeat with alternate extremities.

Foot Circles/Point & Flex

Lie in the floor with one leg out straight, quads engaged and toe pointed straight up. Bring the opposite leg to a sitting position with hands behind the knee for support. 40 clockwise circles with ankle and no movement at knee. Repeat counter clockwise. Follow with 40 point and flexes.

Quadrupled extension ball support Kerner
Foot exercises Kernersville


Lie on back with knees bent and arms and feet flat on floor to stabilize the body. Raise and lower hips slowly. Don’t tuck in chin or over raise hips.

Advanced QL

Lie on side supported by arm. Align shoulders, spine and hips. Raise hips with legs straight. Stop when spine is straight and hold.

Bridge stretch kernersville
QL strengthening Kernersville
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